Welcome to Michael Francis McCarthys Music Site.


Created Morez; See Music page...

Jamed with Jo: Nothing up yet but I may put a few tacks up

This sites been created to share Music I've made in New Zealand and back in the US. I hope To feature all sorts of recordings here both live and otherwise. I also have an older music site called the theory of one. For now I'm keeping it active but I will probably move all that music over here and also make the entire albums available as well as the seventh "secret" album which was never released; "the light in darkness"...

I think I'll pepper the site with random photos as well  just so it's not too texty. More on my Flicker

I've been creating music since 2003. I use the computer for 90% of what I do though I would'nt call my music electronica. It's an organic mix of sampled sounds synthesis and what not.

My current music program is Sonar and I use many vst synths in it to get a world of different sounds.

This site is a work in progress and I imagine if your here I sent you this way. Feel free to contact me for whatever reason. I love to jam and collaborate.